OliverAndEdward13 is a member of the community who joined in December 2015.


OliverAndEdward13's current channel icon.


OliverAndEdward13 first joined Youtube on December 2nd, 2015, joining Youtube due to having watched many other Thomas and Friends Youtubers, and wanted to try it out himself. His first uploaded video was a simple trailer video, which was uploaded on December 23rd, same year. On the same day, he uploaded the first episode of his currently unnamed series.

Season 1

On December 23rd 2015, OliverAndEdward13 made the first episode of his currently unnamed series. The season had 10 episodes, and at the end had a special named "The Sudrian Railway Show", which had three parts.

Episode List

  1. The Mighty Pranksters
  2. Thomas' Snowy Christmas (3 Parts)
  3. Oliver (2 Parts)
  4. The Tale of Neil (2 Parts)
  5. Thomas and the Oil Tanker
  6. Dreams
  7. Luke and Duke
  8. An Unexpected Visit
  9. The Illuminati Hunters (2 Parts)
  10. Returns and Revenges

The Sudrian Railway Show (WIP)


Season 2

After "The Sudrian Railway Show", OliverAndEdward decided to take a break from the series, and decided to make a few remakes. Then, on September 26th, over four months after the special, the first episode of Season 2 was uploaded. As of now, the season is only at six episodes.

  1. Arlesdale Takedown
  2. The Lamp
  3. William
  4. Gordon and Kyle (2 Parts)
  5. S.C.Ruffy's Replacement
  6. Phillip and the Future

1,000 Subscribers

On July 13th, 2017, OliverAndEdward13 hit 1,000 subscribers. A few hours after he hit 1,000, he made a response video, thanking everyone for 1,000 subs, and announcing a Q&A to celebrate.


  • For the first episode the Mighty Pranksters, OliverandEdward13 had a friend help with the video be voicing Ben and Sir Toppham Hatt. But he was never seen since that video.
  • After S.C Ruffys Replacement, OliverandEdward13 started to write scripts to his episodes.
  • The reason the series was not named was because it wasn't even gonna be a series at all as they were just random videos he made.

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