Oatsboats14 was a TWR community member who joined YouTube on December 15, 2012.


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Oats was inspired by a few users, ThomasWoodenRailway (Keekre24), SodorFan2K10, and Enterprisingengine93. At first, Oats wasn't sure if he should make videos about TWR, or his pets. Oats is it the name of one of his dog's name, so his username is based off him. He didn't post anything for a year because he was worried school friends would see his channel and tease him. A piece of trivia is that his profile picture is Oats sitting on a toilet! Finally, he posted a video called "Meet oats and kitty telling what he'd upload on his channel". Later, he made an update video for his TWR videos. At the time he'd been watching Roman'sTWREmpire's videos. He liked and commented on a lot of Roman's videos, so Roman commented on Oats' videos! Oats was very happy that a someone had finally commented, and noticed him! Crimson2091 found his channel too! By then he already had 6 subscribers! Following that Oliver Duck even found, and watched his videos! Soon he had 25 subs, and then he made a few friends. Such as Thomas Wooden Tales, George and Dylans TWR and extras (now known as Arlesburgh Junction Productions or AJP for short), Trainiac Dalton, Thomas Wooden Collector Todd, Donald9Fan Wooden Railway, Nightmare Studios, WoodenRails99, ThomasTrackmasterSeries, TheRedEngine, Cgiben, and even Montagueduck48. By now, he has over 75 people subscribed to his channel! And was still growing very quickly. Oacts has left the community, and returned back a few times. He also made a channel called OurTWRCrossovers with Thomas Wooden Tales and George and Dylan's TWR and extras!


With his last video being uploaded in April 2015, nor tweeting anything since August of 2015, Oatsboats14 has left the Community.