North Western Legends is a series created by Duck 'N' Duncan on June 21st, 2015. Every season will contain 15 episodes.


Matthew has refused to use his hands to move the models, although he did use his hands to move Sir Topham Hatt's car. He now uses stop-motion for that. Instead of his hands, he used string, but it is visible. He wishes to change that in the future. He uses sets, but used to use a layout. He believes sets are superior in quality and ease. In November 27th, 2016, he decided to begin filming outside as well, only for some certain shots. He still mainly uses sets.

He also uses voice actors for his series, to add more diversity. He also uses visual effects, and sound effects in his episodes as well. To film, he uses the first version of the iPad Mini. He wishes to acquire a camera in the future, hopefully in Christmas this year. He uses a tripod which holds a light, to illuminate the set.


1) Sticky Wheels

2) Golden Rescue

3) Spencer and the Signal

4) Flash Fire

5) Smashed Potatoes

6) Domination (Part I and II)

7) Twins and Trap Points (Part I)

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