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MultiGreenThunder is a member of The Thomas Wooden Railway Community who joined in 2011. He is best known for his comedic reviews and his accurate remakes of Thomas episodes. He goes by Multi on YouTube. 

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Before YouTube

Growing up, Multi was a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and his favorite brand was Thomas Wooden Railway. He owned many VHS tapes and even saw Thomas and the Magic Railroad in when it was released in movie theaters. However as a kid, Multi didn't like the new direction the show was going, starting in 2004 when Hit Entertainment took over the show. He didn't follow the show as closely as he used to, but still would watch it occasionally. In either 2010 or 2011, Multi discovered the Thomas the Tank Engine Wiki and once again became very interested in the show, now with a new perspective and appreciation for the series. Before joining YouTube, Multi was inspired by SkarloeyRailway01. During his early days on around joining YouTube, he would watch users such as missoliverandblossum, Simierski and Leokimvideo. His original plan was to do remakes of all the classic series Thomas and Friends episodes in order.


Multi created his YouTube account on October 11, 2011, being the last TWR related user to join in 2011. His first video was a remake of Thomas Gets Tricked (the first episode of his series of remakes). A couple of videos followed afterwards.

The Really Useful Engine Era

Multi began a series called "Really Useful Engine" The first episode was uploaded on November 7, 2011. Episodes followed afterward. Multi later decided to make his series his main focus. (He would still make remakes, but instead do random episodes.) Multi made three seasons of Really Useful Engine with total of 35 episodes. The series didn't last though, it unfortunately came to an abrupt ending when the series was cancelled only five episodes into Season 3. Reasoning for the abrupt cancellation is due to Multi suffering from Writers Block. He started doing reviews and remakes soon after.

After Really Useful Engine

Knapford Station Review (Multi)

Multi's Knapford Station review

On June 20, 2012, Multi uploaded a review on the TWR old-style Knapford Station. It was fairly popular. Because of it's success and his enjoyment of making them, he decided to make reviews his main focus. His reviews included reviews on the Grey Troublesome Truck, the Sodor Bay Tugboat and the Sodor Mail Coach.

As time went on, Multi gained many more subscribers. He reached 50 subscribers on December 30, 2012.


White Roof Rusty Unboxing

White Roof Rusty Unboxing

Multi's unboxing video made before his channel hiatus.

After an unboxing video uploaded on January 17, 2013, Multi didn't upload a new video for over two years. A big reason was because of computer troubles. During this time fellow TWR Community member Jlouvier featured his latest unboxing video on his channel. This would introduce many users to Multi's channel. Also during this time Multi's remake of Busy Going Backwards would become a very popular video and it currently has over 600,000 views.

During the hiatus, Multi began to dislike his older videos. This was due to "in his words" bland stories, poor storytelling and all around bad quality. He felt the video quality of his older videos was way to blurry and unprofessional. During his time away, Multi saw various videos in the "Crossover Saga" done by Oliver Duck, Percyno6, EricPierre53 and MrMPS. He really enjoyed them and had been interested in coming back for a while.

Return and Relaunch

Here Comes The Thunder

Here Comes The Thunder

On July 23, 2015, Multi finally returned to YouTube with a new video called Here Comes The Thunder, showcasing his return. This video would mark the beginning of a much more professional video style. His videos were now in high definition and he now had a professional editing software. He also announced a reboot of his series Really Useful Engine. The new series began on August 5, 2015.

Multi's return was met with a positive response and he has continued to produce new content. He reached 1,000 subscribers on December 14, 2015, to celebrate this milestone, Multi did a review on the then newly released TWR Streamlined Emily. The review with met with high praise and gained over 100,000 views, making it his most popular review to date. This review would also feature the first time a popular fellow TWR user appeared in one of his videos, MrMPS made a short cameo in it.


Stepney Gets Lost Remake (Multi)

A scene from Multi's most recent remake, "Stepney Gets Lost".

Multi is currently working on reviews, remakes and his series. He often tries to find ways to make his reviews more entertaining and his remakes more detailed then ever before; because he enjoys what he does. His series is currently on hiatus in favor of working on other project, particularly reviews and crossovers. His reviews have gained praise for their humor and production values. His remakes are also praised for their accuracy to the original episodes. His remake on Stepney Gets Lost was also successful and has over 20,000 views.

In The Community

Multi used to be not very interactive with the community. He used to disable YouTube comments. However after his return he now allows them.

Streamlined Emily Review (1,000 Subscribers Special)

Streamlined Emily Review (1,000 Subscribers Special)

One of Multi's most successful reviews.

Since his return, he has become much more interactive with the community. He has participated in various remakes on thetttecommunity channel, done various crossovers and chats with other TWRC members regularly.

His biggest inspiration for his video style is Wooden Railway Reviews and he also takes inspiration from turtlesandthomas. He is also friends with various users, he is good friends with Percyno6, MasterOfTheLemons, Annie C. and MrMPS. He's also good friends with LegoLover117, TrainKingJames, EricPierre53, and many other users who have contributed in VHS/DVD remake collabs.


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