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MikeMike123, or Mike, is a member of the Thomas Wooden Railway Community who joined YouTube on November 27, 2014. Currently he has over 200 subscribers.


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One of Mike's earlier profile pictures.

Mike started watching TWR videos around 2009, mainly ThomasWoodenRailway. He started building layouts and acting out stories, due to Keekre's strong influence and inspiration to Mike. He then started building sets and acting out reviews. Finally, when his chance came, Mike created his channel on November 27th, 2014. His first video, a review on Big City Engine, was released on that same day. The next day, he got a tweet from another user, ThomasFan12341, asking him if he wanted to Skype with other members of the community. Seeing this as an opportunity to interact with members of the community, he gladly accepted the offer, soon meeting users such as HiroTheJapeneseTrain, Roman'sTWREmpire, Oliver Duck, and LegoLover117.

Growing Popularity and Early Videos

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Mike's old profile picture.

On November 28th, Mike uploaded an update video, discussing his series and what was to come in the future of his channel. His next video came the day after, where he did his first ever unboxing, which he soon deleted, and a layout video came about a week later. Soon after, Mike made a video of a review and unboxing of Samson. His series kicked off soon after that, and so far has made two episodes, titled "The Great Western Makeover,' and "Porter's Perseverance." Another review, of the Logan and the Big Blue Engines Set was uploaded in early January. Another small series, of shorts, was started shortly after his Logan Set review. In May of 2015, Mike uploaded his first remake of "A Close Shave," which has since accumulated over 4,500 views as of October 2016.

Tales From Tidmouth Sheds

Tales From Tidmouth Sheds is the new series that Mike is currently writing. It's premiere has been planned, and several titles have already been confirmed. For this he wants to acquire a larger set, more advanced filming equipment, and hopefully a full voice cast. More details of his series are yet to come.

Ep. 1: Harwick Bound

Ep. 2: Coal Crisis

Ep. 3: Sudrian Trade

Ep. 4: A Summer Strain on the Skarloey Railway

Ep. 5: Something Arlesdale-related

Late 2015 and 2016

The rest of 2015 was very uneventful for Mike, besides him finally receiving a camera. He hosted his first livestream then, but hasn't streamed since. In early 2016, HiroTheJapeneseTrain, Roman'sTWREmpire, and TrainKing James decided to do a collaboration project to help finish Season 1 of Sodor Stories. It was titled "The Sudrian Blizzard," and the idea of collaborating became quite popular. In April of 2016, Mike uploaded his second remake, of Daisy. This was originally going to be the first of many weekly remakes, but the idea has since been scrapped due to time constraints. In April- May of the same year, Mike, LegoLover117, HiroTheJapeneseTrain, Roman'sTWREmpire, TrainKing James, DuncanWoodenRailway, and WoodenRS decided to start planning for a remake collab, where they would remake a DVD/VHS release and upload it as one whole release complete with a music video. The first of these projects was released of Thomas and the Special Letter on July 23rd, 2016, and the idea has since grown. A second collab project has been made of New Friends for Thomas and was released on October 12, 2016, but due to a falling out in July, Mike was not included and will most likely not appear in any more of these projects. The first collab, however, helped Mike make his second-most popular and fastest growing video to date, in which he remade the title episode of the collab, Thomas and the Special Letter.


50 subscribers - April 5th, 2015

75 subscribers - June 20th, 2015

100 Subscribers - December 18th, 2015

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