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Early YouTube Career

MasterOfTheLemons joined YouTube on July 2, 2011. For many years, most of his videos were based around die-cast cars, particularly merchandise from the Disney Pixar "Cars" franchise, though he dabbled occasionally in Thomas and Friends videos. Beginning in late 2014, however, his videos focused more heavily on TTTE, with the Cars videos mostly falling away. His true success began with the release of a wooden railway series entitled "The Fat Controller's Railway" in the summer of 2016. The first episode, "Pacifics," was released on June 23 and quickly gained the attention of other users. He was praised for his excellent filmmaking and storytelling as well as his steadfast faithfulness to both Railway Series canon and real railway history. His series has continued since, and four episodes have currently been released as his channel continues to grow. He currently has over 1,000 subscribers.

List of 'The Fat Controller's Railway' Episodes

1) Pacifics

2) Metrovicks

3) Assumptions

4) Old Souls


1) Emily's New Coaches [MB - US]

2) Special Funnel [GC - US]


As mentioned, "The Fat Controller's Railway" is noted for adherence to RWS canon and to realism. The series combines the television series and Railway Series canons, including characters, locations, and events from both sources. The series utilizes models scratchbuilt from cardboard and masking tape, including handmade destinations, engines, and rolling stock. For closeups, such as whistle and cab shots, he has constructed both large scale engine cabs made by the methods listed above as well as large clay painted figures for human shots. Small scale clay figures to scale with normal engines are used in normal scale scenes . Another notable feature of the series is that MasterOfTheLemons uses custom paper face masks on the models to change their expressions, a unique feature in the community. In July 2016, he released a video tutorial demonstrating the process he uses to make the masks.