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LegoLover117 is a Thomas Wooden Railway user who joined YouTube on June 11, 2012, and is not your typical Thomas user. LL's channel has multiple types of videos and he's not shy about sharing his opinions, mostly political, on his Twitter page. He's currently working on a rebrand of his old series called "Thomas and Friends: Engine Adventures".


LegoLover started his channel, not really knowing what he was getting into. He started making Lego reviews of all the custom sets and minifigures he had. After a month or 2 of this, he decided to stop and left for a while, taking all his Lego videos off his channel and deleting them forever. After entering WoodenRailwayReviews' competition and re-watching some of ThomasWoodenRailway's old episodes, created the idea that he could make his own series and become popular on YouTube.

Season 1

The first season of LegoLover's series started with the name "Thomas and Friends: Wooden Railway Stories", not knowing this was the title of Percyno6's series. However, he continued making his series. The series started with "Fergus takes the Express" and ended with "Twins?". After the first 3 episodes, however, he decided it was time for his first big movie release. This didn't quite come out to well. After script changes, story edits, and countless reshoots, the result was "Henry's Origin", a "low budget", completely made-up story with countless errors. It didn't quite turn out like he planned, because he cut out many story points and made it more kid-friendly. For example, he replaced Culdee with Rusty and this led to the cutting of Culdee's death in the end. LL has come out and said he plans on remastering several of his older Season 1 episodes, 4 to be exact. The other 3 slots will be filled by new episodes with new storylines. A full list of episodes can be found below.

Season 1 Episode List

  1. Fergus Takes the Express (Getting a Remastered Version)
  2. Devious Diesel
  3. Violent Viaduct (Getting a Remastered Version)
  4. Peter Sam's Discovery (Getting a Remastered Version)
  5. New Faces, Old Foes
  6. Thomas and the Special Visitor
  7. Twins?

An Oily Invasion

Soon after season 1 ended, LegoLover decided to rise out of the ashes of his last movie, and make a more violent, darker movie. This resulted in season 1 being ended early and the announcement was made by video a few days after its end. The result was the movie titled "An Oily Invasion", a much more darker, and longer film than "Henry's Origin". There's not much to say about this film. No scenes were re-shot, or any major plot points removed. Except there was one change made to the storyline. In the original script, LegoLover wanted Diesel 10 to be the ultimate villain, so he had him plant bombs all over Sodor and was threatening to wipe it off the map. LegoLover soon realized that this was maybe too extreme and it would bring the end of his series if Diesel 10 won. So, he scrapped the idea and went on to make the final film we all know today.

Season 2

Season 2 began with "A Narrow Gauge Surprise" and ended with "Merick's Cargo Folly". There's not much to say about season 2, other than the fact of new characters Spamcan and Neil being introduced. And he changed the name of his series to "Thomas and Friends: Engine Adventures", after apologizing to PercyNo6 for accidental plagiarism. After Season 1 is done being remastered, LL plans on remastering some more older episodes from his Season 2. A full episode list can be found below.

Season 2 Episode List

  1. A Narrow Gauge Surprise
  2. Spamcan of Sodor
  3. Test Subjects
  4. Sir Handel's Lie (Getting a Remastered Version)
  5. Turkeys! Turkeys! Turkeys!
  6. Stanley and the Coaches
  7. Daisy's Bad Motor
  8. Merrick's Cargo Folly

Season 3

Season 3 began with Complaining Coach and ended with Back in Action. The season was definitely the longest and most drawn out season, as it didn't come to a completion till almost 4 months after the premiere. This season was just your average season with the return of Thomas, since he had been absent for the entire season, and Neil since he had also been absent. New character's such as Paxton and Stepney were also introduced. An episode from Season 3 is also considered on being remastered. A full episode list can be found below. 

Season 3 Episode List  

  1. Complaining Coach  
  2. Freight Cars and Tankers 
  3. Sightseeing  
  4. The Dairy Festival  
  5. Interrogation 
  6. Back in Action (Getting a Remastered Version)  

Season 4

Season 4 began with "The Race of the Century" and ended with "Percy and Caroline." This season was where LL's series really began to take shape with LL focusing more on what he is good at writing, comedy with dramatic elements. The production quality also increased. No longer were the episodes recorded on an iPod with minimal editing. Now LL had fully written scripts, a professional camera, and a good editing software in Camtasia Studio 8. This was the season that inspired LL to go back and remaster his Season 1. A full episode list can be found below. 

Season 4 Episode List 

  1. The Race of the Century (Considered for Remastering after Season 1's Completion)  
  2. Wilbert the Dockside Engine (Considered for Remastering after Season 1's Completion) 
  3. No More New Engines!  
  4. Shapes and Strategies  
  5. A Visit to the Steamworks  
  6. Don't be a Coward! 
  7. Percy and Caroline 

Thomas and the Tragic Failroad

"Thomas and the Tragic Failroad" is LegoLover's 3rd film, and many consider it to be his best. This a parody of Britt Allcroft's "Thomas and the Magic Railroad," hence the name change. This movie never was actually intended to be a "major" wooden railway release. In fact, it started out as an episode of "What Our Skype Calls are Like," and later on, one of the films stars, suggested to LegoLover that he make a wooden railway version of it. LegoLover denied the offer at first, but over time he began production and gave us the film we know today. "Tragic Failroad" was set to be released at the end of June, but due to LegoLover leaving for a week of camp that month, he finished the film 2 weeks early, and on June 14th. 2014, "Tragic Failroad" was uploaded. Most people saw the film on the 15th, but the cast and crew saw it on the 14th, which spawned the After-party video LegoLover uploaded shortly after. 

2014-08-22 16.07.18

The custom DVD cover LegoLover created for the film


Thomasfan12341 - Thomas, James, Splatter, Diesel 10, Mr. Conductor, Lady, Percy, Henry, Edward, Toby, Himself

Oliver Duck - Splatter, Dodge, Gordon, Himself

HenryisGreat15 - Arabic Diesel 10, P.T. Boomer, Burnett Stone, Henry, Himself

LegoLover117 - Opening Narrator, Himself

Shyloh White - Thomas, Gordon, James, Katie Mccatharn, Toby, Himself

WoodenRS - Diesel 10, Thomas, Burnett Stone, Mr. Conductor

NWB1989 - Junior


LegoLover117 - Director, Writer

Thomasfan12341 - Producer

WoodenRS, Oliver Duck, and NWB1989 - Test Audience  

The Cancelled "Tragic Failroad" Sequel

In an interview with MikeMike123 conducted back in January of 2016, LL revealed that after "Thomas and Tragic Failroad's" release, there were talks of a sequel. Not a direct sequel, but a second parody movie in the same style as "Tragic Failroad;" senseless, vulgar humor with little storyline. LL revealed that Johnny, or HenryisGreat15, was hired as head writer for the sequel and the idea was to do a parody of Season 2 of the Thomas TV series. Johnny was very enthusiastic about writing the movie, and a few scenes were written. Unfortunately, the script was lost back at the beginning of 2015, so nothing has ever been seen from it. After the first few scenes were written, not much work had been completed and LL wondered if the movie would ever come to fruition. Unfortunately, Johnny dropped out as writer a few months later due to issues in his life at College, and LL did not feel like writing an entire parody in the short amount of time he had before his life became more hectic with high school. Thus, the project was canned and no official announcement was ever made of the movie's production. However, there is one piece of media that was produced tying into the Season 2 Parody. It was an opening scene that LL created from existing dialogue from older Skype Call videos. It was never meant to be anymore than a test intro for what the movie would actually look and sound like. This test intro was released on LL's channel in 2017. There has been no official announcement of a sequel to "Tragic Failroad" but LL has said he is interested in returning to the parody zone one day in the future.  

Other Videos

LL's channel doesn't just consist of Wooden Railway reviews, layout videos, or his series. These "extra videos", as LL calls them, are mainly uploaded on Thursdays, making LL's video count double to 2 videos per week. Here's a list of the other videos you'll come across on LegoLover117:
IMG 8070

What Our Skype Calls Are Like logo

What Our Skype Calls are Like - A series that gives an insight into the wacky Skype Calls LL gets himself into.

Roblox - A series in which LL and a multitude of guest stars play different Roblox games. This has taken the form of What Our Skype Calls are Like, but added gameplay to it.

Thomas and Friends Shorts - Short and simple comedy ideas LL can't fit into an episode. This series has been cancelled.
Tragic Failroad Audio Commentary

Very First Audio Commentary, Thomas and the Tragic Failraod

Audio Commentaries - LL gives you his look at different videos he's created or written. More of these are to come in the future. 

Let's Playz - A series in which LL plays different PC games from his childhood. These videos don't really come out at a constant rate, but LL tries to do at least 1 a year.

REACTIONS - A reaction series. These videos aren't being produced at a rapid rate.

Vlogs - A series in which LL travels out into the world looking for cheap deals on movies at places like Target, Walmart, etc. There are also episodes where LL stays home and reviews a movie or TV episode that he has recently seen. LL hopes these vlogs will continue long after his time in the TWRC is finished.

Thomas and Friends: Home Media Reviews - Read all about this popular series in the next section. Uploaded on Mondays.

Thomas and Friends: Home Media Reviews

Screenshot 2015-12-21-19-21-15

The Home Media Reviews background, used in every episode.

Thomas and Friends: Home Media Reviews is by far the most popular series LL currently has running on the channel. The series consists of LL showing the evolution of Thomas the Tank Engine on home media formats; that being VHS, DVD, and sometimes digital download. The series began at the beginning of 2015 when LL got the idea from another popular web series, From the Star Wars Home Video Library, by Nathan P. Butler. LL had been a fan of Butler's various podcasts and his YouTube channel was no different. After nearly a year of viewing this series, which catalogs each Star Wars home format release, LL decided he would do something similar but with Thomas and Friends. LL began the series with an introduction episode, episode 0, then a review on his most recent purchase at the time, a DVD copy of "James Learns a Lesson". After the first episode was well received, LL decided to continue the series in chronological order, rather than the releases be cataloged randomly. Since then, over 50 regular episodes have been completed, along with a large count of supplementals, with many more are on the way. A fun fact about the series was it was never consistent in its upload schedule. LL worked episode to episode, and this hindered the production of the series. In 2016, LL stepped up his game with his New Years resolution of making more HMR's on a consistent basis. You can now find a new episode of the show every Monday. With the announcement of Thomas and Friends being rebranded, and the classic show only having (possibly) 1 season left, LL has said that HMR now has a definite ending. The show continued throughout 2017 but LL has said in past livestreams he's going to run out of episodes before 2018 is done. He plans on releasing an update video in October to detail the future of the show. LL has also thought about once Thomas and Friends: Home Media Reviews is over, he might rebrand the show as just Home Media Reviews, dropping the Thomas and Friends tagline. This would leave the show open to reviewing other media as LL is extremely passionate about physical media collecting. Nothing is set in stone however.

Close Friends

LegoLover is very good friends with users such as MrMPS2002, HirotheJapaneseTrain (Matt T.), Roman'sTWREmpire, MasteroftheLemons, Oliver Duck, DuncanWoodenRailway, TrainKing James, WoodenRailwayOnly, and most recently MultiGreenThunder. LL talks with these users over Skype frequently. LL was close friends with Thomasfan12341, but after some major confrontations, the two no longer associate with each other, but they maintain a professional, respected relationship. LL's first friends were HenryisGreat15 and LNERFlyingScotsman; both who he met during his early days on Skype. A little known fact is that LL was the one who brought Matt T. onto Skype after making an offer to do a review on the Express Coaches. Matt gladly excepted and now is closer with the community through Skype and Twitter.

Future Plans


The first Collab LL participated in, filming wise.

LL was hired as a writer for "The Lego Community," but due to complications with the show's creator, WoodenRS, LL stepped down as head writer and the series has been indefinitely cancelled. LL has been involved in Collab projects such as "The Sudrian Blizzard" (Minor Script writer and voice work), "Thomas and the Special Letter Full DVD Remake" ("Toad Stands By" Remake), "New Friends for Thomas Full DVD Remake" ("Gordon and Spencer" Remake), and "Ultimate Christmas Full DVD Remake" ("Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure" Remake). LL has since completed Remastered Season 1 and is currently planning an update video on where his TWR Series is going to go.