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LNERFlyingScotsman (Roberto) joined YouTube on June 30, 2011 Roberto was a member of The Thomas Wooden Railway Community, and has been collecting Thomas Wooden Railway products since 1999. He left the community in 2013. However, he was still a member of the now defunct TWR Community Radio even after he left the TWRC.


Roberto has watched videos on Youtube since 2008/2009 and has been inspired by users such as ThomasWoodenRailway and DiamondThomas to make bigger layouts. In 2011 when Keekre annouced his first departure of the year, Roberto made a Youtube account (His 3rd one and first TWR Related) called NewThomasAdventures. He was hoping to make a kind of successful follow up to Keekre's series. His series was going to be called " The New Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends." Roberto made the account on April 3, 2011. After having camera troubles, Roberto left the account. He hoped his series would come out on June 30, 2011. 


With no videos still and 14 subscribers, Roberto annouced his departure from NewThomasAdventures and made a new account called LNERFlyingScotsman on June 30, 2011 at around 7:00 P.M pst. About a month later, he made a collection video similar to a video made by Thomasfan4's, a slideshow of pictures of each TWR item he had set to background music, and text in each picture describing that particular item. Roberto began expanding his TWR collection through eBay by getting rarer trains and destinations.

First Videos

Roberto's first videos was his collection video split into 3 parts. He followed with a Top Ten Rarest Thomas Wooden Railway Items video, and a recent purchases videos. He uploaded a video with pictures of his newest Troublesome Truck, but it was mainly a rant video with pictures.

Roberto began to make unboxings of his newest eBay items he recieved in the mail. He also done random videos. His most famous video was uploaded around that time, it was another rarest items video but with 35 items. The video has 10,000 views and counting.

Roberto continued his eBay items unobxings until October when he decreased buying from eBay. He made a "Self Narration Series" which was basiclly Roberto telling the episode while the orignal episode passed. He continued this until New Years Eve 2011.

Pre Production of Wooden Railway Series

Roberto began uploading videos in 2012 around late January. His first was an unboxing video, followed by another. He decided to make a series around that time. After accuring old style versions of James, and Edward, Roberto began script writing the first Season and finished the following month. He released 2 trailers of his series, which were the Standard Gauge Series and Narrow Gauge Series in one. By then, he already picked the name of his series.

Upgrading Quality

Robero temporarily left Youtube in Febuary, and came back in April. He realized he doesn't have a good quality camera. Around May Roberto learned from TRAINSARECOOL2 that he could use his Iphone camera to record and thats exactly what he did. On May 13, he used his IPhone 4S camera for the first time. He used it until July. He made more videos, including a video montage for The Thomas Wooden Railway Community. He also started using Camtasia, a better editing program than Windows Movie Maker (Which was wha

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t he was previously using.)


On July 15 Roberto began to film his series. He had green felt as grass and began eager to film. The following day he got a sky backdrop, filmed, and finished Episode 1, it was uploaded to YouTube next day. Until September Roberto uploaded nothing but his series, purchases videos, and Prank Call videos with HenryisGreat15 and guest starred WoodenRailwayStudio. In October Roberto finished season 1 of his series and began to make reviews and remakes.

Season 2 of his series premired in December, and it ended in April the following year. Roberto began to do remakes again, and did "The Duck V.S Diesel Trilogy" He was planning on starting Season 3 in June.

Copyright Issues

One of Roberto's Self Narration episodes was blocked all over the world and recieved a copyright standing as "red" to stop this Roberto deleted the first episode of his ill - fated series and his first 3 videos as a percausion, but they were not copyrighted.

Jack War

When the Jack Confrence first happened in July, Roberto was not present. In November when the war erupted once more, Roberto uploaded a rant video on Jack but removed it once he learned that Aidan's account:  MrStepney55 got shut down by YouTube as a precausion just in case Sirtophamhatt291 reported Aidan for the video, or if the account was shut down for cyberbullying. Roberto sided with the community on both Jack Wars and was on Jack's blocking list.


Around April of 2012, Roberto signed up with adsense after some help from thomasfreak808. 10 months later on February 15 Roberto applied to CMS and partnership program run by Maker Studios (The same studio that produces Epic Rap Battles of History) after some recomendations from his gamer friends. At 10:45 A.M PST February 18 he recieved an email and accepted partnership at 11:39 A.M PST.

Leaving The Community

However, despite his success in the Thomas Wooden Railway Community, Roberto announced on May 27, 2013 that he would be leaving the community in June of 2013. He stated that he has decided to shift from collecting Thomas Wooden Railway to collecting vinyl records, similarly to how rboffill shifted to collecting model railroad trains, and how TRAINSARECOOL2 shifted to collecting skateboard stickers. Roberto stated that he would upload his goodbye video on his two-year anniversary, and that he will still be semi-active on Twitter and Skype, and will keep his YouTube and Instagram accounts up for archive purposes. He said that there is a 20% chance of him returning, and that if he doesn't he will give his unused plots away to people for their series. He also said that he will be selling his collection in about a year or two if he doesn't return. He almost decided to make a entry into Calebtrain's Crash Contest but decided not to.

TWR Community Radio Return

When MrMPS2002, Percyno6, and Oliver Duck restarted TWR Community Radio, they extended the offer to him to return to it since he was an original member, and he accepted. Roberto ran the show "Roberto's Records Live" on the channel. Eventually, all of the administrators grew too busy to continue uploading to the channel, and it was officially closed in February 2016. However, the YouTube account itself remained open.


Roberto remains active on Twitter. He also appeared in an episode of the MPShow (a vlog series by MrMPS) where he met up with MrMPS in real life.