LMS Arthur is a TWRC member who joined on December 18, 2016, but his original account dates back to

LMS Arthur

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September 2014. He currently has over 2,000 subscribers.


On September 2, 2014, his original channel was created. Until early 2016, he would mainly watch the official Thomas & Friends series. In May 2016, he discovered the TWR community. Five months later, he would start uploading. No videos were made until October 2016 when he uploaded a few reviews about the official series and a few other videos. Some featured TWR. These were all deleted a few weeks afterwards along with the channel. In November 2016, LMS Arthur was created. No videos were uploaded on this channel and it was accidentally deleted in early December. On December 18, his current channel was created under the same username. A few weeks later, it was changed to TheCrankyCrane, then to TheCrankyCrane02. No TWR videos were uploaded until January although some videos related to the official series were made. On January 13, 2017, his first layout video was uploaded, the start of a new era for his channel.

Following the layout video, a remake of Edward Helps Out as well as another layout video were uploaded. After these, the first episode of his series, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Crashes was released on January 25. The first episode uploaded to YouTube was Fearful Freddie, although there were two unfinished episodes and a collection video originally meant to be the first videos on the channel. Season 1 finished in mid February. It would be followed by a movie, Four Devious Diesels, which is currently the only movie on the channel. Season 2 would follow, however, only 6 episodes were uploaded before the series would go on an unexpected hiatus for over two months. After the hiatus and the seventh episode, the season was cut off short, with 7 episodes instead of the original 13 episode goal.

Season 3 premiered in June with 11 episodes uploaded frequently before the next hiatus, which was shorter than the previous one. During this time, his username was changed back to LMS Arthur. After this, the last four episodes would be uploaded, reaching the 15 episode goal of Season 3.

Season 4 immediately followed with three episodes before another two month hiatus. Like the other hiatuses, this one was unexpected as well. A few other videos would go uploaded during all three series hiatuses. Season 4 was originally devoted to wrapping up the unfinished plot points in Season 2. However, it wasn't finished again and remains unfinished to this day although he wants to finish it at some point.

Season 5 began in mid January 2018. However, these episodes would see a different filming style, similar to Season 1. This was because he wanted to make up for the lack of episodes for the last couple months. This season was 15 episodes and took less than a month to film and upload. Season 6 immediately followed with the return of the filming style used in the other seasons. He is currently working on this season and hopes to continue the Season 2 and 4 plot and possibly accumulate it in a movie.

In addition to his series, he also does RWS and TVS remakes on various episodes and more. He is also looking into bringing discussions back. Several RWS remakes were uploaded in April 2017 although they have been deleted. These will be remade with a different style. 16 Knapford Reviews were originally uploaded in March 2017, although these have been deleted as well. However, they were very similar to Thomas Wooden Railway Discussions.


Original channel: September 2, 2014 - November 2016

Second channel: November 2016 - December 2016

Current channel: December 18, 2016 - present

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Crashes - Jan 25, 2017 - present


  • His favorite engine is James.
  • His main inspirations are EnterprisingEngine93 and Percyno6.
  • His favorite season of Thomas & Friends is Season 5.
  • His favorite special is the Adventure Begins.
  • His favorite episode of the TV series is Rusty and the Boulder.
  • On February 6, 2017, ClydeiousCat33 uploaded a video telling people to go to his channel and subscribe to him, which gained him around 10 to 20 subscribers.
  • Some of his Take N Play models have been used in his series.
  • His username was originally was LMS Arthur and then changed TheCrankyCrane and then to TheCrankyCrane02, but later changed it back to LMS Arthur on July 15th, 2017.
  • He makes videos in secret, as his parents do not know about his channel.