LMS Arthur is a TWRC member who joined on December 18, 2016, but his original account dates back to September 2014. He currently has over 2,000 subscribers.

Series History

He uploaded his first video, in which he showed one of his layouts, on January 13, 2017. He was going to use that layout for his series, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Crashes, but could not because he used sets for his Edward Helps Out remake, which was his second video. He then uploaded another layout video which would be used in his series.

The first episode of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Crashes, titled Fearful Freddie, was uploaded on January 25, 2017. The layout lasted for the first four episodes of Season 1. His third layout was used for the rest of Season 1. The plotline running through Season 1 was about Diesel, 'Arry, Bert, and Diesel 10 trying to dominate the steam engines by crashing them. Harvey was assisting them. This storyline was wrapped up in his first movie, Four Devious Diesels, which is his first and only movie to date, although there are more planned which would not be canon to his series.

Seasons 2 and 3 followed, as well as the beginning of Season 4. All contained a main plot line spanning through several episodes. Season 2 ended up being cut short to 7 episodes and the planned movie, Roads vs. Rails was cancelled, although it may be made one day.

Season 4 immediately followed season 3, back to back. The first three episodes were uploaded, starting to finish off the storyline from Season 2 with a few improvements. Later, he was getting bored with where the series was going, so he has rebooted it. The rebooted series is currently underway, having begun on January 17, 2018, almost a year after the original series started.

Channel History

On September 2, 2014, he created his first Youtube channel. He had never heard about the TWRC and just watched the official series until May 2016 when he discovered ThomasWoodenRailway, Percyno6, and many other TWR channels.

ThomasWoodenRailway's movie, Claw of the Law, popped up in the recommended videos section. He clicked it and was astonished at what he saw. This is where his interest in TWR videos online came from. Throughout the summer, he watched videos from many different channels and got insight of what they were doing. He also checked and read this very wiki often, interested in learning about other users' history, inspirations, origins, ideas, series, etc.

In October 2016, he made some reviews and uploaded them to his original channel. These videos were only up for two weeks before they were deleted. Afterwards, he made another YouTube channel with the name LMS Arthur. Nothing was uploaded to this channel and it was later deleted. On December 18, 2016, his current channel was created and he started making videos again. He had changed his name to TheCrankyCrane02 on January 3, 2017. However, it was changed back to the original on July 15.

Original Series

One of the first videos that was uploaded to his channel was the first episode of LMS Arthur's TWR series, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Crashes. The first episode, Fearful Freddie, was uploaded on January 25, 2017. Season 1 was uploaded very quickly, this being due to all the episodes being taken in one take. There were even times when multiple episodes would come out a day! He later realized that he wanted to give his fans a cliffhanger between episodes and uploaded them less frequently. The movie after Season 1 was called Four Devious Diesels. This movie was successful. This was also the first occurrence of editing in one of his TWR videos.

After that, Season 2 aired, but was cut short, causing the storyline in the season not to be finished. This was planned to be in Season 4. This storyline focused on the roadway vehicles wanting to take over Sodor. It would have been finished in a movie called Roads vs. Rails, but it was cancelled. However, this movie will may be made one day.

Season 3 followed with a few changes. There was a storyline going through part of the season like the others. Season 4 followed, but only the first three episodes were uploaded before the series ended. He was bored with the series and wasn't happy with where it was going. He would later reboot the series.

Rebooted Series

The rebooted series began on January 17, 2018 with the episode James' Viaduct. It was shot in one take similar to the original season 1. The first season is currently underway.

Current Day

He is currently working on Season 1 of the rebooted series. He also wants to release longer movies in the future, as he currently has some ideas. However, they will not be canon to his series. He also plans to do discussions for a third time and do remakes.


Original channel: September 2, 2014 - October 26, 2016

Second channel: November 3, 2016 - December 9, 2016

Current channel: December 18, 2016 - present

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Crashes - Jan 25, 2017 - Nov 9, 2017 / January 17, 2018 - present


  • His favorite engine is James.
  • His main inspirations are ThomasWoodenRailway and Percyno6.
  • His favorite season of Thomas & Friends is Season 5.
  • His favorite special is the Adventure Begins.
  • His favorite episode of the TV series is Rusty and the Boulder.
  • On February 6, 2017, ClydeiousCat33 uploaded a video telling people to go to his channel and subscribe to him, which gained him around 10 to 20 subscribers.
  • Some of his Take N Play models have been used in his original series.
  • His username was originally was LMS Arthur and then changed TheCrankyCrane and then to TheCrankyCrane02, but later changed it back to LMS Arthur on July 15th, 2017.
  • All of his profile pictures have been from the Thomas & Friends series except for his first one.