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Knapford Station Studios was a Thomas Wooden Railway user who joined on May 31, 2010.  His series was known as "Thomas the Wooden Engine & Friends."


During his time on YouTube, Knapford Station Studios would only have 5 videos. His first video was a RWS re-enactment on Hullo Twins. This video was uploaded on May 31, 2010. He then made a video called Thomas Wooden Railway Nameplates. After that he made his second re-enactment: Bulldog. Bulldog would be his most viewed video at over 115,000 views. After that he made a behind the scenes video on the making of Bulldog. His final video and third re-enactment was uploaded on March 30, 2011. This video was a re-enactment of Thomas & Gordon.


After only 10 months and 5 videos on YouTube, Knapford Station Studios left YouTube. It was a quiet departure as no one really knew about it. Despite only making 5 videos, Knapford Station Studios will be remembered for his re-enactments he did.

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