KnapfordTrevor28 joined YouTube on July 28, 2013 and left in May 2016. He was originally known as FredCoalCar back in 2010/2011. His name is Noah. 

Noah's YouTube profile picture.

Before KnapfordTrevor28

Before Noah made his KnapfordTrevor28 account, he had a lot of views and subscribers from his old channel, FredCoalCar. But he decided to close the account after losing interest in Thomas. He then made another account used for Legos, called kidlego09. In the summer of 2013, he got back into Thomas. That's how he made his new YouTube account, KnapfordTrevor28. 

Wooden Sodor Tales

KnapfordTrevor28's series was originally called Thomas' Wooden Railway Adventures, but didn't want it to sound like other users' series, so he later changed it to Wooden Sodor Tales. He first was not using voice actors in his series, but then decided to put voice actors in his series starting in the second season. Once episode seven of his series was uploaded, he didn't really like the rest of the episodes of the first season, so he kept season one with seven episodes.

By the time he had left only five episodes of season two had been released.


In his time on YouTube he had only uploaded 2 reviews they were of his 1994 Tidmouth Milk Tanker (his oldest item) and a crossover review on Charlie (Feat. Cgiben). His reviews were titled Elsbridge Station Reviews.


Noah had a Twitter - He posted regularly on his Twitter. Noah had also decided to start communicating more with the Community by adding them on Skype, with his Skype username being kidlego09. 


On May 27, 2016, DuncanWoodenRailway announced that Noah had left the community for personal reasons, along with deleting all his YouTube channels and his Twitter. For the second time in his Youtube career, Noah has left YouTube.

In mid-December, Noah came back only on Skype, where he is regularly communicating with community members. It is still unknown when he will return to making videos for the community.

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