Jamesis5 (a.k.a. James) joined YouTube on May 5, 2009.  James was one of the more popular users on YouTube and was known for his remakes.
Jamesis5 icon

Jamesis5's Logo when he made Thomas videos

The Early Years

Almost every single video he made was a remake.  James was known for making remakes by taking pictures known as stopmotion.  James didn't make videos for long on youtube, as his last remake was on March 12, 2010, not even lasting a year. Currently, he has over 1,000 subscribers and almost 3,000,000 video views.


James used an old camera for his remakes. James' remakes are unique. He used stop motion for almost every single remake he did. There are only 1 or 2 remakes where he used motion. The only confirmed remake and scene he made in motion was Donald & Douglas and there were only about 5 seconds of motion in Haunted Henry. He even uploaded a blooper video of his remake Bulgy where he fell on his layout while he was recording. That video was also in motion.


James was one of the founders of OurTWRCommunity.  He, along with 9 other users, were the original members.  The group ended up not being that popular, as it only had about 5 videos.  When the account was brought back in summer of 2012, he was against Jack for doing it.  In the end, the account was brought back, and due to him having no interest in YouTube or Thomas, he was not brought back.

Departure of Jamesis5

When he stopped making videos, he turned his focus to model trains.  He ended up helping manage the other Thomas wikia, but the other wikia is about Thomas and not YouTubers.  At the end, he was very rude to his former friends due to his own personal struggle with his sexuality that at the time was unknown to the Community. He said that everything he ever told any of us was a lie, and how he hated Keekre24, furthering stating Keekre24 controls everyone in the community.  He has since removed everything from his channel except his 44 videos. He left YouTube and the over all Thomas community in August of 2012 and has seldom been active since.