HunterTWR is a Thomas Wooden Railway YouTube user who does reviews, skits, remakes, guitar covers, and other types of videos including theories of unexplained questions in the Thomas and Friends franchise. He has a past channel[1] called 'senojnived', which was backwards for his dad's name, who created the account before Hunter even got on.

Early YouTube career

Hunter first started using YouTube in 2008 at the age of eight, but he just browsed videos and didn't upload videos. He mainly watched ThomasWoodenRailway's videos which was before Keekre24 was hacked. Hunter eventually began uploading one Trackmaster video in 2009 and then started making remakes in WR form, soon dominating what was probably supposed to be the family YouTube account. He uploaded Thomas videos and some non Thomas videos there as well.

Hunter also had two series. One which lasted nine episodes and another which was only planned. The first series was very unoriginal, similar to Keekre24's, and the other was with a voice cast, even though Hunter didn't know how to edit back then and had no plan on how to combine the lines. Both series were cancelled in 2009.

Hunter went on to make more videos like this after a one year hiatus due to problems in the community and made his usual videos for 2-3 more years after that.


Hunter had a fresher start in 2013, as he was finally old enough to make a new YouTube account with a username that was much easier to pronounce/recognize and picked up his YouTube videos from there. Hunter started a trend on July 29, 2016, where he uploads a new video to his YouTube page every single Friday and hasn't stopped since.

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