HunterTWR is a Thomas Wooden Railway YouTube user who does reviews, skits, remakes, and other types of videos including theories of unexplained questions in the Thomas and Friends franchise. He has a past channel[1] called 'senojnived', which was backwards for his dad's name, who created the account before Hunter even got on.

Early YouTube career

Hunter first started using YouTube in 2008 at the age of eight, but he just browsed videos and didn't upload videos. He mainly watched ThomasWoodenRailway's videos which was before Keekre24 was hacked. Hunter eventually began uploading one Trackmaster video and then started making remakes in WR form, soon dominating what was probably supposed to be the family YouTube account. Hunter became friends with Jamesis5 eventually, playing the role of Thomas in his series.

Big Risks and Sleptlate

However, Hunter began to annoy other YouTubers by casting them in his series without telling them. The critique from Jamesis5 annoyed Hunter and he began removing awkward comments. James said that Hunter was at risk of being kicked out of the cast by removing his comments. Hunter then learned, a little bit. He was quite a bully to others but stopped each one when James threatened to kick Hunter out of the cast. At the time, there was also an intentional bully in the TWRC. This was sleptlate. Sleptlate was such a bully that everyone in the community hated on him big time. Sleptlate's goal was to suspend ThomasWoodenRailway, Percyno6 and Jamesis5 on YouTube. To shoo him away from their channels, people would write:

Put this on your channel if you declare war on sleptlate.


This way, sleptlate will know he is not wanted on YouTube and will leave immediately.

Hunter was also on the protagonist side, even though he was being pushed a little towards the antagonist side. He also had some close calls of being kicked out of Jamesis5's cast.


Hunter even tried to make his own series and was as he describes it, "being Sharon Millerish" as he copied storylines from ThomasWoodenRailway. Only about nine episodes got out. As well as taking inspiration from ramahfool, Hunter planned to bite off more than he could even chew, since he didn't know how to use Windows Movie Maker and didn't think he had the time to learn how to do so. He also had a cast list and a TATMR redub planned from copying lucaslovesthomas' HOTR redub plan.

As of his current era, HunterTWR is slowly working on a series called "Thomas & Friends: HunterTWR Edition". He currently has one episode uploaded which is "Philip's Real Race".

The Final Straw

After enough nonsense from Hunter, he was then kicked out of Jamesis5's cast for Thomas & Friends Big Adventures. He even posted the F word in his activity feed and his mother grounded him from the account for 365 days. All left behind were many people cross at him. Hunter believes it was horrific, but not as much as the anti-sleptlate league in the community where things were serious enough that members expressed their hatred for sleptlate in their channel descriptions and made videos about killing sleptlate.

Owning Up

Hunter understood the chaos he left behind and made amends to everyone in the community after his sentence from YouTube. He was even forgiven by Jamesis5, shortly before leaving the TWR area of YouTube.


For a couple years, Hunter still dealt with the account in which it had the username he didn't like. He even posted non-Thomas content on the channel.


Hunter had a fresher start at age 13, as he was finally old enough to make a new YouTube account with a username that was much easier to pronounce/recognize and picked up his YouTube videos from there. He is not noticed as much as he was in the past, due to the transfer of YouTube channels. Hunter started a trend on July 29, 2016, where he uploads a new video to his YouTube page every single Friday and hasn't stopped since.

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