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Henryfan88 a.k.a. Trey joined YouTube July 19, 2008. He was known for his layouts, remakes, and his own Troublesome Brakevan.



Like TenCents01, Trey had a unique way of making his layouts. How he made his layouts was using a train table and putting a board on top of it. The board was about the same size as TenCents01's board he used. He used this for all his layouts for his remakes.


Trey was one of the first people to do remakes. Prior to ThomasWooden123, he was the only user that uploaded only remakes, although ThomasWooden123 started his own series towards his end.

Custom Troublesome Brakevan

One day, Trey made a video of his own Troublesome Brakevan. He made it with the help of his dad. This was something many other users thought was a great idea. Many users who didn't have a Troublesome Brakevan copied Trey and made their own (some users who had a Troublesome Brakevan even created their own Troublesome Brakevans, such as mtwillman). Trey got upset over this and made a video asking people to stop making their own Troublesome Brakevan. Now that he's been gone for awhile, no one has been making their own Troublesome Brakevan.


Trey started to upload less and less. His final video was of his current layout. He never made a goodbye video, and his account remained opened. After months of doing nothing on the account, he closed Henryfan88. 

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