Heisel's current logo.

Heisel Productions is a Thomas Wooden Railway user that makes mostly remakes. He was inspired to make videos by Thomas Wooden Episodes, MultiGreenThunder, and Roman'sTWREmpire.

The Start

Thomas aka Heisel Productions made his account on Dec 23, 2013. He didn't upload his first video until 2016.


Thomas does remakes with highly detailed sets using string and clay faces.

He has done the following remakes:

  1. The Flying Kipper
  2. Down The Mine
  3. Heave Ho Thomas
  4. Emily's New Coaches
  5. Edward's Exploit
  6. James the Second Best
  7. Pinchy's Artwork (TATMR)
  8. Vicarstown Bridge Jump (TGR)
  9. Scaredy Engines
  10. Dream On
  11. Thomas and the Avalanche
  12. Thomas, You're the Leader (MV)
  13. James Works it Out
  14. Sneezing Powder (TATMR)
  15. Edward and Gordon (TAB Intro)
  16. Percy, James, and the Fruitful day
  17. How To Stop being Stupid (TATMR)
  18. Thomas Collects Mr. Conductor (TATMR)
  19. Theodore and the boat bully clip
  20. Night Train (MV)
  21. Rolling River Bridge (TGD)

The Future

Thomas's plans for the future are to keep doing remakes from seasons 1-12 and others. Also possibly some T&F movie clips to!


  • Thomas is a big fan of Dukes of Hazzard.
  • He is also a big fan of Ghostbusters.
  • He has made several customs such as The Shooting Star, Rex, JBS Engines and more.
  • His favorite season of the TV series is Season 6.
  • His favorite character is Oliver.
  • He has several friends in the community, such as EzCuldee, Toby77 c, and Woodenfan 1 .

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