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Grease and Oil Podcast is a collab channel created by MrMPS and MrConductorFan1406. The channel was created on February 4, 2016 and launched on April 16, 2016.



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In early 2016, MrConductorFan1406 proposed to MrMPS the idea of doing a podcast together with turtlesandthomas. MPS agreed, but turtles declined the proposition, so Vinnie and MPS decided to just do the podcast on their own.

MPS created the channel in February 2016, and he and Vinnie recorded three episodes at the time of the channel's creation, not aware of the fact that they would actually launch the channel two months later, making the episodes they recorded earlier out-of-date.

On March 11, during his trip to California, MPS met up with Vinnie at his house, and they filmed a video that was originally supposed to be a Troublesome Brakevan review. However, halfway through the review, the video became an announcement for the podcast, with the first podcast episode being released that day.

Throughout 2016, podcast episodes were released every week, with the exception of the week of June 17, as both MPS and Vinnie were on vacation. Throughout that run, the podcast featured several TWRC members as guests, as well as a few non-TWRC members. Uploads became more infrequent throughout 2017, due to Vinnie and Matt taking several breaks, including a long one over the summer, but uploads are set to be more consistent in 2018.

People Involved



Tweet Time

'Tweet Time' is a segment on the podcast where Matt and Vinnie read some tweets posted by fans. These usually consist of comments on the podcast or images based on jokes made on the podcast.

Common Tweeters

  • Rick (@ETophat67)
  • Flying Thistle Studio (@FlyThistleSudio)


  • The channel was originally created in February 2016, but wasn't launched until April 2016.
  • The podcast has an official Twitter hashtag, #GAOP.
  • A prototype name for the podcast was "The Poocast with Matt and Vinnie".
  • The podcast was originally intended to feature turtlesandthomas as a third host.
    • turtles would later return as a recurring guest during the podcast's run.
  • The first few episodes of the podcast were recorded months before they were actually uploaded, causing them to seem out-of-date when they were actually uploaded.
  • EricPierre53 is currently the guests who has recurred most often on the podcast, with four appearances.
    • However, Eric was to appear in an episode early on in the podcast's run which was lost, which would have brought his appearance count up to five.
  • MilkTankerMedia, while having only been an official guest on the show twice, has had small cameos in several additional episodes in which MrMPS called him unexpectedly on the phone.