GordonNo4 is a YouTuber who joined in October 2006. He made Thomas Wooden Railway Videos. In November 2006, he announced his new series called Thomas and the Final Days of Sodor. He made his first episode in April 2007.

Each episode of his series is like a soap opera, with each episode building off of previous episodes.


Season 1 (2007)





Episode Title Plot Uploaded on:
1 1 Faulty Coupling Oliver and Toad pulls a train but Oliver loses Toad when the coupling snapped. April 5th 2007
2 2 Search Party Oliver, Thomas, Henry and Percy start a search party to find Toad. April 9th 2007
3 3 Lost in the Scrapyard Oliver, Thomas, Henry and Percy search for Toad in a Scrapyard. April 13th 2007
4 4 Oliver's Depression Oliver, Thomas, Henry and Percy finds Toad but he is already scrapped and Oliver falls into a great depression. April 17th 2007
5 5 The New Engine A New Engine arrives on Sodor and Oliver is less than pleased so he comes up with a evil plan. April 21st 2007
6 6 The Chase Oliver's plan involves explosives and Thomas tries to stop him. April 25th 2007
7 7 Explosions Thomas failed while trying to stop April 29th 2007

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