FlatMagnets1992 aka Gary is a user who joined June 3, 2012.

FlatMagnets1992 (current)

Gary's Current Profile pic


Gary started out by doing stop motion Thomas videos. Like every other user he slowly gained popularity.

Gone and Back again

Gary normally loses interest in things so he normally leaves when he loses interest and comes back when he regained his interest in TWR.


Gary had a contest for who could make a layout under certain rules. Rules: 1. It had to have 2 Destinations 2. It needed to have some elevated track 3. It had to have at least 3 switches. At the time of the upload date (August 29, 2012) It was a 2 day time limit. It is unknown who won as he has not confirmed the results.


The reason he constantly leaves and comes back is put into his about section.

"Due to something about me, I can only really hold interest in any topic for, like, 5 months or so, so that's why I often "Stop" making videos. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause".


When Gary returned, he only made 2 videos. His most recent video was November 6, 2014. He has been inactive since, and thus has left the Community.

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