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EricPierre53 is a Canadian/American YouTube user that joined The Thomas Wooden Railway Community in June of 2010 and has been active ever since. He is know for his Reviews and his Series.

Joining Youtube.

ericpierre53 started YouTube to enter Leokimvideo's Mad Bomber Contest but never had time to enter. He was a big fan of shows like Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, etc... And started making Clip-Shows with images. Then he Started watching people like  ThomasWoodenRailway and Mtwilliam (A.K.A. HiroTheJapeneseTrain) and decided he wanted to make videos with his wooden trains. His first remake was Thomas and Gordon that he filmed with a cheap video camera and narrated himself. He also did other Thomas videos plus some stop-Motion animations and some singing videos.
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He made more and more videos but still only had way under 100 subscribers. He started to instead make his Thomas videos with stop-motion and also started to buy models off of eBay. At one point, he deleted a big part of his Thomas videos for personal reasons. In October of 2011, he stopped making videos for reasons of being injured in an accident and lack of enjoyment in Thomas and YouTube in general. In 2012, he came back to YouTube but just made more Clip-Shows, a few fake trailers and also tried to concentrate on his music videos. But finally, in June of 2013, he started making Thomas Wooden Railway Videos again and saw his subscriber number almost quadruple. It was then when EP53 started making a mark in the Thomas Wooden Railway Community.

ericpierre53 wanted originally to make a TWR series using his imaginary Character, Chris. After 3 Episodes of this series, he decided to stop production and focus on writing a brand new series which would be more focused on humour. The show took a while to finally be released but soon got cancelled after only 4 episodes due to lack of interest and hesitation due to old footage and uninteresting scripts which may be released some day but Eric would rather not for the time being.


He works commonly on reviews, rants, and crossovers. Over the summer of 2015 he, and Matt (MrMPS) met up in real life to do some crossovers, which can be found on their respective accounts. This was the 'last' few crossovers in MPS's then current overarching crossover plot, before the new one began.

His recent video is a rant on the 'Roll N' Whistle' Emily. At the moment it is implied that he and MrConductorfan1406 are working on a crossover on an 'X' item.

He is also working on many other crossovers, and bigger, and grander reviews, not all on Thomas Wooden Railway Items. So far one of these non-TWR items has been Take'n'Play Mike, which was uploaded on June, 11, 2016.

He Has Also Released Reviews of The 2 2015 Thomas Specials "The Adventure Begins" and "Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure", the latter being 50 minutes long. Eric is however unsure if he would do any more of these movie reviews as they are very Time Consuming.

Eric is producing a Series titled "Railway Tales". The concept of the show is that it takes place in the Railway series but however, instead of just being remakes of certain RWS stories,they are new Stories that could have happened in Between the Stories, somewhat of an extension to the railway series. He had released the Pilot not expecting such an overwhelming response. He did not plan at first to turn Railway Tales into any sort of Series.

TWR Community Radio

After WoodenRS left the TWR Community Radio channel, Eric was brought in to replace him. The Channel has since been inactive.


MusicOfSodor was a collaboration channel between ericpierre53 and former member OliverDuck to make 100% free to use Thomas Music due to the fact that there were many Thomas Music makers on YouTube who for some reason refused that people used their music. It was opened in July of 2014 and the duo occasionally released cover of Thomas songs. In OliverDuck's Goodbye video, he stated that he made Eric the solo admin of the channel and was free to upload or do whatever he wanted with it. Eric continues to upload, albeit at a slow rate.


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