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Enterprisingengine93 (aka EE93, EnterprisingEngine, or simply Enterprising), is a popular member of The Thomas Wooden Railway Community. He joined YouTube on June 3rd, 2011 and followed with the production of his series "Enterprising Engines". He is most noted for filming his episodes outside in real life locations, like streams for bridge scenes.

Before Series

EE93 had a channel before he made Enterprisingengine93. The channel was called LionelRailway. Some episodes on this channel were remade into episodes for Enterprising Engines!, such as Shepherd's Pie.

Early Series

The first episode of his series was done completely inside; however, half of his second episode was half inside and half outside. By his 4th episode, he completely moved his series to his backyard, doing something no other user has done before; produce a TWR series from their backyard. EE93 has filmed in daytime, nighttime and even in the snow. He then decided to remaster nearly his entire series starting with his episode "Stepney Makes an Entrance" and began remastering each episode. He still intends to re-master other old episodes.


His popularity began with the episode "Scruff's Scaffolding" which gained 200,000 views as of December 2012. The video attracted a loyal fanbase subscriber count. He received more views from episodes that followed. Once Season 1 of his series ended, his Season 2 premiere episode surpassed the views of "Scruff's Scaffolding". The video has just reached over 200,000 views. Nowadays, he receives an average of 25,000 video views for each episode. He also has over 30,000 subscribers and over 31 million video views.

Voice Actors

EE93 is known for using voice actors in his series. He has been using voice actors since his 2nd episode, when he used a female voice actor for Daisy. EE93 later revealed in a comment response to a fan that he used his mom's voice for Daisy. Sometime around November 2011, he began to use various voice actors for most of the characters in his series. His voice actors range from members of the community, other YouTubers, some of his friends, classmates and even teachers at his school. Members such as ThomasWoodenRailway (Keekre24), GingerPercy, Jlouvier,and MrMPS2002 have guest starred and some have acquired continuing roles in his series.


EE93 is also known for the tone and mood of his videos. His plotlines are sometimes dark, contrasting sharply with the kid-friendly episodes produced for television. A prime example of this kind of episode is his four-part episode "Munitions." EE93 also uses an array of more complex vocabulary in his episodes that is obviously not meant to be understood by very young children.