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EnterTheEngines (also known as "ETE" for short) was a YouTube user in The Thomas Wooden Railway Community

Early Videos

On March 10, 2012, ETE joined YouTube and later posted his first video, although it was removed shortly thereafter. The video was the first episode in his series and was called "Rebuilding". It has not been reuploaded as of April 2013. The last video uploaded in his series was "Toby's Tour", which was episode nine of the first season. Most of his episodes are relatively short, ranging from 35 seconds to 4 minutes and 46 seconds.

Sodor Railway Reviews

EnterTheEngines's review series was called Sodor Railway Reviews. In this series, ETE would examine common Thomas Wooden Railway items, similar to what other Thomas Wooden Railway users did in their reviews and discussions.

Later Videos

While taking a break from filming his series, EnterTheEngines uploaded other miscellaneous videos including a short, layout video, lines for other users, 50 and 100 subscribers videos, and a one year on YouTube video.


EnterTheEngines has since returned to the Community. He recently uploaded a 2-part episode called "A Diesel Tale".


EnterTheEngines's style of filming, titles, and even username are reminiscent of fellow Thomas Wooden Railway user EnterprisingEngine93.