Edwardthegreat248, also known as Ronnie by close friends, is a Youtuber who joined January 2nd, 2015.

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The History Of Edwardthegreat248

Edwardthegreat248 joined Youtube on January 2nd, and his oldest video, one he and his brother made called Space Pig was uploaded on January 7. There were older videos, but those have since been deleted by the creator. The style of videos he created at the time were Bachmann and Hornby related. He also made one video involving his Transformers Generations figures, but that did not go anywhere at all. His channel was going nowhere, but everything changed when he got out the wooden railway models.

On March 21, 2015, he reviewed the Origins James model. This sparked his interest in Thomas Wooden Railway. Inspired by people such as Thomasfan 89 and Enterprisingengine93, he built a layout and on March 23, he upload the announcement for his series: Sodor's Adventures. His journey, had begun.

Sodor's Adventures: A rocky start.

Edwardthegreat248's first episode of his series was called Lady, and focused on, you guessed it, Lady. Using his hands instead of string, and using his "mouth trumpet" as music! So far, he was making some pretty shabby content. But some users in the community were actually supporting him! The series, and most of his videos, were filmed on his phone using Viva Video. The quality was not good. However, on June 8, He uploaded a video using his brand new Macbook Pro. A new era of videos had arrived.

A New Era

With his new computer by his side, Edwardthegreat248 began to slowly use it more and more. Stylizing his phone heavily, his series struggled along. Sodor's Adventures: Duncan's Adventure, released in October 3rd, was the first episode he made with iMovie, and soon all episodes were filmed using such. He began to make Trainz videos as well, but still keeping to his wooden railway roots. Things were going great, and by Christmas of 2016 he had achieved 100 subscribers. He was very happy indeed.

Yard Banter Saga

Edwardthegreat248 had gotten an HD camera for Christmas, and used it to his full potential in a mini-series called Yard Banter. It was semi-successful, and with that a second one was made. His longest wooden railway video was a remake of Super Rescue, of which he is very proud of. HIs most recent remake was Stop Thief!

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