Edward02 joined YouTube on August 13th, 2015.                                                                                                                             



The Beginning

Edward02 was inspired by leokimvideo, SkarloeyRailway01, and many others! He started off with very bad slideshows of rare Thomas Wooden Railway models, then he made his first short, which got him more subscribers.


His shorts were the foundation for a rise of subscribers. Edward02 plans to make 15 of these shorts.


He does not have many rare items but, he does have some unusual items like Denis and Mighty Mac.

The Present

At the moment Edward02 is working on making more reviews, stories, and other enteraining content. He also has many friends, such as Donald and Douglas 9 and 10, Jake Videos 1, and many others.


The future is not clear for Edward02, but he plans to upload much more content.

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