Duck 'N' Duncan -- aka Matt -- (previously known as DuckFan8), is a member who joined the community on September 11th, 2014.

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DND's current profile picture.

Before D'N'D

Before Matt began his current channel, he had another channel called 'Parkour King'. There he made a Wooden Railway series, and he uploaded a new episode daily. He didn't receive many views, as the video was very shaky and filmed terribly. He kept going until he finished Season 1, and eventually made a film, and receiving twice the average amount of views he got. He stopped however, as he noticed he wasn't getting any more popular.

Soon, Matt was back. But instead of Wooden Railway, he made Minecraft videos with his two best friends. He ranked up a bit more views than his old series, but not much because he was filming with a terrible screen-recording program. He eventually stopped that too, as he had more important things to focus on.

Matt then returned with a brand new Wooden Railway series. He made 10 episodes, and they were well received, ranking up to 40-50 views per episode. It was also terrible, since he filmed it vertically with a phone. He was going to make a film called 'Last Hopes', but then grew tired of making the series, so he cancelled the film.

Matt returned with a new Minecraft series, this time doing a Let's Play using the Pocket Edition on iOS. The screen-recording was better, and he received even more views than his other Minecraft videos. He then stopped again, only after three episodes. That was the last time he uploaded a video on that channel. It is still up, click here to see it.

Creating a New Channel

Matt eventually missed making videos, and decided to work with a clean slate, a channel only for Thomas & Friends-related videos. And so DuckFan8 was made! Later renamed to Duck 'N' Duncan, he began his work we know now.

First Videos

Matt uploaded his first video, a goofs video on Thomas Gets Tricked. It became very successful and he gained hundreds of views over time. After that, he made a massive unboxing video of an Orbrium set he recieved as a gift. Since the goofs video went well, he uploaded another goofs video on Edward and Gordon.

D'N'D Now

Matt now animates for the Thomas Creator Collective. He also hopes to make more episodes of North Western Legends and more remakes.


Social Medias

Matt has several social medias in which you can find him on. The list is ordered in how frequent he is on that social media. They are: