Donald Douglas

Donald Douglas's Logo.

Donald Douglas is a Wooden Railway collector that joined YouTube in August 2012. He currently has over 800 subscribers. He was originally hated for uploading videos of his vast collection.

Rough Start

His first video got him hated on for showing all of his Troublesome Trucks (21) Troublesome Brakevans (6) and '92 Sodor Line Caboose (6). He uploaded videos of all of his 1992 through 1999 wooden railway. He later went on to do reviews on various items that he can talk about for a good amount of time and requested by various viewers. Donald Douglas's most popular video was a Thomas Wooden Railway Review on the 1999 Flying Scotsman.

Donald Douglas began uploading silent videos of his collection showing them on his carpet floor. He got hated on for having so many duplicates of the rare items. He began to gain more respect out of some users by doing reviews on various items in his vast collection. In November/December he removed all the videos before his reviews.


Donald Douglas has made 45 videos and removed 5 of them. His 40 Reviews:

  1. Troublesome Truck
  2. Toytopia Cargo Car
  3. Set of 4 Workman
  4. Learning Curve Cargo Piece
  5. Ada, Jane, and Mabel (requested by EdwardAlba)
  6. Homemade Toby's Shed
  7. Troublesome Brakevan
  8. Thomas Comes to Breakfast House
  9. Sodor Cookie Cargo Car Set
  10. Breakdown Train
  11. Express Coach
  12. Black Wheel Terence
  13. White Cab Sodor Bay Cargo
  14. Prototype Discussion
  15. Come Out Henry Set (Requested by EdwardAlba)
  16. Percy Takes the Plunge Set (Requested by MrMPS2002)
  17. Cow On the Line Set (Requested by Bertramfan1)
  18. Tidmouth Station Travel Set
  19. Sodor Railway Repair
  20. Duck
  21. Flying Scotsman (Requested by LNERFlyingScotsman)
  22. Coal Station
  23. Sodor Dairy Farm and Farmer McColl's Pig Shed
  24. Sir Topham Hatt's Car
  25. Donald and Douglas
  26. Sawmill Dumping Depot
  27. Yumsters Cars
  28. Edward the Great Set
  29. Old Slow Coach
  30. Gold Dome James Goes Buzz Buzz
  31. Sodor Mail Coach
  32. Rickety
  33. Butch
  34. Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory
  35. Five Car Gift Pack
  36. Elsbridge Station and Ellsbridge Platform
  37. Homemade Ghostly Percy
  38. Toby
  39. Henry's Forest Log Car
  40. Crosby Station Cargo Truck

Leaving YouTube

Donald Douglas continued to stay updated on his channel until February 2013. He continued saying that he was moving from house to house but after a two month of silence, in April 2013, it was almost self evident that he had left the community. He will be remembered for his reviews.