Domeless Engine, or Carlos, is a wooden railway user who joined the community on September, 26, 2016. He makes mostly custom showcases but he does do some remakes, unboxings, reviews, streams, and has a planned series.


Carlos's Current YouTube Icon


Carlos started out with doing only a few customs, but then he started making more and made a tutorial on how to do sticker customs for coaches. After his first custom showcase he made two unboxings, but then after that he decided to do other videos. About a month after his second unboxing was put out, he made his first review; All the Wooden Olivers. Again after that he make a Railway Series remake of Teamwork.

Gaining Popularity

The point when Carlos started getting more attention was when he released his sticker custom tutorial. People soon became interested in Carlos's way of making customs, as it was different than anything they'd ever seen.

Domeless Designs

Domeless Designs is Carlos custom showcase series. So far he has shown Blister 1 and 2; Bert, Rex; Jock; Sigrid of Arlesdale; Minimum Gauge Open and Closed Coaches; and the Slip Coaches. Carlos is doing custom commisions but the model has to be supplied and it costs a little bit for paint and ink.

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