Tomas Dominguez (formerly TandPFan NoFour and DieselFan One) was a user who joined YouTube on November 23, 2013.


His first video showcased his TWR collection. He then moved on to making reviews. DieselFan One originally planned to have a series premiere in January 2014, but later dropped it and continued doing reviews and made tons of layout videos. He then started being noticed by users such as Oliver Duck and Crimson2091.

Downfall And Hiatus

However, by the spring of 2014, he started making lots of stupid decisions such as retweeting old fights and such. He was confronted in the summer by his friends on Skype saying what he was doing was annoying and he has been trying to improve ever since. Soon, he began uploading rarely and became more and more inactive due to other interests.

Tomas Dominguez`s former icon September 20, 2014-March 13, 2016

Last Videos and Departure

DieselFan recently started editing his videos. He even started his own series called Adventures of The North Western Railway Series. He has 2 episodes up so far and they have both been very well received by his fans. However he recently announced he will be canceling his series for a while until he can think of new fresh ideas that he is satisfied with. He uploaded a review on his 1994 Thomas on January 11, 2016 after months of inactivity and plans to do them to begin a new fresh start on YouTube. He also had plans to release a documentary based on the history of the Mid Sodor Railway which is Duke Falcon and Stuart`s old railway. Now at over 60 subscribers, he is finally close to reaching his goal of 75 subscribers, but it will not be until after he stopped making Thomas videos that he reached that goal. During the spring of 2016, he began to lose full interest in TWR and Thomas in general. As of September 9, 2016, he has privated all his Thomas related videos, took out his channel art and took anything to do with Thomas out of his channel description, officially leaving the community for good. And over four and a half months later, on January 26, 2017, he closed his account.

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