DemandDiscussions was a channel made for reviews of Thomas Wooden Railway items. This was the second channel to be made for this kind of purpose (First channel being Wooden Railway Reviews). The channel was ran by 3 well known members of The Thomas Wooden Railway Community, and those members were Sirtophamhatt291, WoodenRailwayStudio, and thomasfreak808.

First Reviews

The channel was made around March of 2011. The first 10 reviews on the channel were by selected by the reviewers, but the users have said that after the tenth review that the users can begin to select the items for the reviewers to review.


  • Review #1 - Item:   2000 Skarleoy    Reviewer: Sirtophamhatt291
  • Review #2 - Item: Flying Scotsman -  Reviewer: Wooden Railway Studio
  • Review #3 - 'Item: Family of Four - 'Reviwer: thomasfreak808
  • Review #4 -  Item: 1992 Mavis - Reviewer: Sirtophamhatt291
  • Review #5 - Item: SirTophamHatt's Car   Reviewer: WoodenRailwayStudio
  • Review #6 - Item: 1992 Thomas - Reviewer: thomasfreak808
  • Review #7 - Item: Water Refilling Tank - Reviewer: sirtophamhatt291
    • Review #8 - Item:   reviewer: WoodenRailwayStudio

(items No. 1, and 5 were previously unknown, but were remembered by Adian)

    • = It is unknown if the review was uploaded

Closure of the channel

With a review being expected by Matt coming in 2012 the channel was in a standstill for the remaining 2011. In February Aidan got into an arguement with Matt and Jack, and in the end Aidan closed the DemandDiscussions channel on February 4th or 11th of 2012. The channel had around 86 subscribers at it's closure.

The Future Halted

Before the argument with Aidan, Jack and Matt were forming plans to bring DemandDiscussions back to life. During one of Aidan's account hacks/haitus', they were discussing adding a new member to the group, 3henrythegreenengine. The account was closed before he was able to upload a review.


With Aidan closing DemandDiscussions in Feburary, a new channel was started up by either Matt or Jack (most likely Matt). The channel was designed to be a "comeback" channel but no work had been done by either one of the two by the end of summer 2012. The first review was uploaded on October 25 of the same year by Matt. The channel is in pieces since one of the reviewers (Jack) was thrusted out of the community a week and half later, and by the looks of it the only member that is still active in the Thomas Wooden Railway Community has no plans to look back at that channel.