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Douglas Fan Dan
is a user who joined YouTube on November 5, 2014. He has approximately 150 subscribers on his current channel.


Dan joined in 2014 on his first channel, The Piggy Express. Due to unfortunate personal circumstances, he had to abandon the channel after leaving Youtube for a bit. The channel achieved 100 subscribers just after Dan had left the channel. He had two main series on the channel: Sodor Scenes, a trainspotting series, and Sodor: Uncut, the first version of his current series, which is very similar.

The Piggy Express Correct

The Piggy Express's final profile image.

The first video on his current channel, originally named ThePig1215, Dan the Pig, and now Douglas Fan Dan was a teaser for his upcoming series, The Sudric Rails. The series will be a more refined version of his older series. Shortly thereafter he also uploaded a video showcasing his custom LNER Gordon which will appear in said series. After uploading this video, he received a shoutout on Twitter from Oliver Duck. This shoutout gave him more motivation to continue working on his series. The first episode is very close to being finished.


At this stage, the things Dan is probably most known for are his customs. The first two custom videos on his main channel are currently his most viewed videos. These customs are his LNER Gordon and his NWR blue Henry. Other customs were uploaded to The Piggy Express and will eventually have new videos made showcasing them on the new channel. Outside of showcases, Dan has also customized nearly every wooden railway model he owns, giving them running boards, side plates, and buffer beams.