Culdee Comes To Sodor is the first episode of Thomas Wooden Tales. It was uploaded on March 22nd, 2016.


In the episode Culdee tries to prove to James that he is a better engine than him. But, his train of trucks give him trouble, and he crashes into the docks. The next day he's at Tidmouth Sheds, and he is sad. Did Culdee learn his lesson or not?


Character List (In order of appearance)

  • Thomas (Minor Role)
  • Annie and Clarabel (Cameo)
  • Culdee (Main Role)
  • Troublesome Truck #2 (Minor Role)
  • James (Major Role)
  • S.C.Ruffey (Not Named; Minor Role)
  • Rickety (Not Named; Minor Role)
  • Duck (Minor Role)
  • Douglas (Minor Role)
  • Breakdown Train (Minor Role)
  • Cranky (Cameo; Faceless)


  • Andrew Leago as: Douglas
  • DouglasDonald fan as: James and Duck
  • EdwardTheBlueEngine67 as: Thomas
  • Percyfan06 as: Narrator, Culdee, S.C.Ruffey, Rickety, and Troublesome Truck #2


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