Culdee4 is a member of The Thomas Wooden Railway Community who joined YouTube on September 1, 2015. He is famous for remaking the deleted PT Boomer chase 3 times. He was inspired by users such as ThomasWoodenRailway to create a YouTube channel. He reached 100 subscribers on his birthday on 4th February 2016.


A Humble Beginning

After being inspired by such users as ThomasWoodenRailway, Culdee uploaded his first video on September 1, 2015. His first video was the trailer for his first remake of the PT Boomer chase scene, which would be uploaded only 13 days later on September 14, 2015. In the time between those two videos he uploaded a video of the Bolton Abbey Railway. After making these videos he went on to make a cancelled 1 episode series, 2 more versions of his PT Boomer chase scene remake, and many other videos.


In mid-2016, Culdee went on hiatus, the reason was unknown until EzCuldee asked him if he was still alive. Culdee replied be saying that he was only moving, but after this he became silent for many months.


In late-2016, ClydeiousCat33 asked if he was coming back, with Culdee replying by saying that he was indeed coming back, and he would make a comeback after New Year's. That same day Culdee uploaded a 6 second video, stating that he was coming back.


  • Clyde was the first member in the community to know that Culdee was coming back.
  • His 'Dirty Work' and 'A Close Shave For Duck' remakes have been in production for 8 months.

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