Collaborations are videos made by multiple users. This can be done with reviews, remakes, episodes, or any other form of TWR content.


A collaboration review in which multiple users discuss an item in detail.


Crossovers are when multiple users make a single video in which they review an Item. This normally involves a plot, acting, and personas for the YouTube users involved. These were popularized by MrMPS in 2013-2014 and have grown to the point were Crossovers are one of the largest parts of the community. Crossovers are normally scripted far in advance, and professionally filmed and edited. Crossovers, especially those in the Crossover Saga, are typically done by larger users. Despite this, many smaller users attempt their own crossovers too.

Crossover Saga

This is a plot line of Crossover Reviews that connect, and develop over time. The majority of major crossovers that happen in the community are normally a part of the Saga. Major users involved in the Crossover Saga include MrMPS, Jlouvier, Oliver Duck, EricPierre53, Percyno6, Rob, MrConductorFan1406, and MultiGreenThunder, with many combinations of these users doing different reviews.


A collaboration remake is were multiple users recreate an official Episode, or other video from the show. This also induces remakes of DVD's or groups of of published content by the show.

TWRC Collab Specials 

For these specials, a group of users all make separate remakes all from the same DVD, but then upload them together on HiroTheJapaneseTrain's Channel. Users also contribute to remakes of various music videos, and other footage that would be included in the DVD.


Several TWRC members have met up in real life. In most cases, the users involved in the meet do a crossover on a Wooden Railway item, or other form of video; however, there have been some with no video. See the Meetups page for more information.

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