Popular Paxton (formerly Cgiben) is a user who joined on January 1, 2009


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He started in 2009 when he uploaded a new Thomas collection video. Not much else is known about this time.


cgiben came and went for his first two years, on average uploading 1 video per year. He may have made other videos and deleted them, but this is not known for sure.

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In May of 2013 he came back and he started uploading videos; Mostly videos for his contest, layouts, Lego figures, voice acting lines and even Angry Birds.


He had a contest similer to the TWR Competition and he made a scene and had people choose the ending. The winners were, 3rd Place: Oatsboats14, 2nd Place: Tugsfan67, 1st Place: Trackmfanhomer.

Cgiben today

Cgiben currently is making episodes and is still going on strong as a member in the TWR Community.

New Channel

In the fall of 2016, Cgiben's channel got taken down. He started fresh with a new channel and username of Popular Paxton. He is currently uploading episodes of his series Medieval Misadventures.