AwesomeDieselJunction, formerly known as DieselFan08, is a user who joined in December of 2016.


AwesomeDieselJunction joined YouTube as DieselFan08 in December 2016. His first video was an explanation of his "plan" to have Splatter and Dodge brought back into the TV series. He later uploaded a review of the talking TWR Diesel 10. 


DieselFan08 messaged MrMPS on Skype in late December, asking him if he wanted to do a crossover. MPS said no, after which DieselFan08 told MPS he reminded him of Hitler because he was "mean". After much nagging, he said that he would send MPS $200 in the mail if he did a crossover with him. MPS then sent him an address, after which he claimed to have mailed the money. What he did not realize was that MPS had given him the address to a Papa John's. 

MPS tweeted the whole conversation, leading to many users going onto DieselFan08's videos and asking him if he wanted to do a crossover. Flattered, he decided to first do a crossover with Ted on Arry and Bert. They ended up actually recording and uploading the video, which was edited by Ted, though DieselFan08 did not realize that Ted had intentionally made a poor video to make him look bad. When turtlesandthomas commented on the video jokingly saying it was "AWESOME" Dieselfan08 randomly called him "Black Face" which many considered racist.

Eventually, MPS asked him to do a crossover. Like Ted, he did not do an actual crossover; it was instead an intentionally bad video meant to make a fool out of DieselFan08. The item they reviewed was the Bronze Diesel. MPS filmed his portion of the review with his phone. DieselFan08's copy of the model was a knockoff, but people decided to not say anything.


Dieselfan08 changed his username to "AwesomeDieselJunction" in early January 2017. He currently only has 37 subscribers.

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