AndrexioStudios was a TWR user who joined on July 23, 2008.


Andrexio made videos unlike other members of the TWR Community. He would make custom engines. How he would do this is taking a model already made by the Thomas Wooden Railway line, and paint over them with different colors. He would try to make some engines not made at the time by the Wooden Railway line. He would also give updates to engines without a new style version at the time (e.g. Skarloey). One of his most popular custom engines were his customs of TWR Community members. He would make them by asking the user what color they wanted, what engine they wanted it on, and if they wanted the number. He would make customs of many users, like Keekre24, Percyno6, ThomasFan24, StevenJP915 among others.

Later Years

In 2010 and 2011, with less users joining the Community, most of Andrexio's videos would be of engines in their railway series color, or his own custom engines. He would still make his customs on updated models of engines, and engines not yet introduced by the wooden railway line. He would also make most of his customs from scratch. He won't use models made by the wooden railway line, and instead make his own.


Andrexio would be one of the original 10 members of OurTWRCommunity when it was opened on August 9, 2010. It is on OurTWRCommunity where you can watch the only video he made that is still on YouTube. Just like OurTWRCommunity, Andrexio would become less and less active in the Community. When OurTWRCommunity would return in 2012, Andrexio would not be apart of it due to him having left the Community.

Thomas Wooden Railway Wiki

In 2009, Andrexio (under the Wiki username SPfan909) created the Thomas Wooden Railway Wiki. It was initially called the Spencer Wiki until it was changed in early 2010. He ceased editing in November of 2010.


2011 would be the last active year for Andrexio as a member of the TWR Community. He would quietly leave the Community in late 2011. He would eventually delete his channel, along with all his videos. AndrexioStudios will be remembered for his unique custom engines, something the Community hasn't seen since his departure.

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