After many failed attempts, Ryan finally began his Thomas Wooden Railway Series. He had a very interesting way of doing so, seeming to follow a similar format to ThomasWooden123's self-written episodes

Episode Guide

Episode I: Devious Dump Diesels

Uploaded October 18, 2011

Narrated by: TheTopHatts (Melad Moshiri)

No Voice Actors

About 20,000 views

Episode II: The Great Christmas Party

Uploaded December 26, 2011

Narrated by: EricPierre53

Voice Actors: EricPierre53, 3HenrytheGreenEngine, SirtophamHatt291

Removed due to Copyright Issues

Episode II: Jumping to Conclusions

Uploaded February 22, 2012

Narrated by LNERFlyingScotsman (Roberto)

Voice Actors: LNERFlyingScotsman, Doubtfire55, DiamondThomas

About 2,000 views

Episode III: Glory Days

Uploaded April 23, 2012

Narrated by TheTopHatts (Melad Moshiri)

Voice Actors: TheTopHatts, LNERFlyingScotsman, DiamondThomas, TenKamiEpsilon, HenryisGreat15, Ryan's Dad

About 4,000 Views

Episode IV: Toby's Train

Uploaded August 10, 2012

Narrated by Klurty34 (Oliver T.)

Voice Actors: DiamondThomas, Klurty34, SirTophamHatt291, Cesajool, Doubtfire55, CACStoneCold913, HenryisGreat15, TheTopHatts

About 5,000 Views

Episode V: King Edward

Uploaded October 23, 2012

Narrated by RailwayofSodor (Tyler)

Voice Actors: EnterprisingEngine93, Cesajool, TheBluebellEngine, CACStoneCold913, WoodenRailwayReviews, EntertheEngines, MrMPS2002

About 1,000 Views

Episode VI: Snow Day

Uploaded December 1, 2012

Narrated by TenKamiEpsilon (Riamu Kiyari)

Voice Actors: BertramFan01, ThomasWoodenRailway, TheBluebellEngine, 3HenrytheGreenEngine, TheTopHatts, MrMPS2002, EnterprisingEngine93

About 1,000 Views

Future Episodes

There are several episodes that could be consitered


Origionally planned as: "Spencer Spreads a Rumor" (SirTophamHatt291) Late 2011

Progress: Script

Likelyness to be finished: 3 out of 10

Night Watch

Origionally planned as: "The Night Watch" July 2012

Progress: Script, Partially Voiced, Partially Filmed

Likelyness to be finished: 1 out of 10

Rosie's Railside Recovery

Origionally planned as: "Rosie's Railside Recovery" March 2013

Progress: Script, Partially Voiced, Narrated

Likelyness to be finished: 6 out of 10

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