2015 is the 8th year in the Thomas Wooden Railway Community's long run. It may be considered one of the community's best years because of the amount of highly praised videos and collaborations various users have made with each other.
The Thomas Wooden Railway Community Video 2015-0

The Thomas Wooden Railway Community Video 2015-0

The 2015 Thomas Wooden Railway Community video, made by Oliver Duck.

Active Members during 2015









New members from 2015

Users who left in 2015

Users who returned in 2015

First Quarter: January-March

The first quarter was a very active time for the community. First, bertramfan1 left in January, then DiamondThomas returned in February. Then Ryatron 12 and Annie C. joined, also in February. Then, ThomasWoodenRailway released his first full length special in a complete video in March. It was entitled Claw of the Law and is one of the longest and most popular TWR movies. Then DuncanWoodenRailway joined the community, also in March.

Second Quarter: April-June


Third Quarter: July-September

The third quarter was also very active. MultiGreenThunder returned in July. Oliver Duck departed from the community in August. Jlouvier ended his long-running series, "Character Fridays", also in August. SkarloeyRailway01 ended his long running series of TWR remakes in September. Then MrMPS and EricPierre53 met up in real life and filmed a variety of crossover videos, also in September. culdee4 also joined at the start of September.

Fourth Quarter: October-December

EnterprisingEngine93 kicked off the fourth quarter by releasing "Culdee Fell" in October, a full-length special that was 3 years in the making. After that, the community was fairly quiet for a while. In December, EdwardAlba was one of the first users to review a 2016 item; Streamlined Emily. A fairly obscure member known as toludwigfan (Now renamed as DieselDuckFan2001) which was made in 2010, had returned as DieselDuckFan2001.

Major Events

2015 may have been the best year for the community since 2008. There were no where near the amount of fights that users had had with each other in 2012. Also, the community was far more active then in 2013.

One of the biggest things that really made 2015 a big year for the community was the amount of crossovers. Many users collaborated with each other, but some of the biggest ones were Wooden Railway Reviews and MrConductorFan1406's crossover review on Henry the Green Engine and MrMPS and EricPierre53's various crossover reviews.

In 2015, the TWR Community Radio channel was a major way for the community to interact with each other. The shows would often have many different users discuss various topics.

In 2015, Tank Engine Studios would have two members leave it, but one new user joined it. ThomasWoodenEpisodes was the first to leave and would later be followed by Oliver Duck, due to his inevitable departure from the TWRC. HiroTheJapaneseTrain would replace ThomasWoodenEpisodes and Oliver Duck's spot was taken by LegoLover117 the following year.

Trivia and Other Events

  • MrMPS2002 changed his user name to just MrMPS.
  • TWR Fan once again changed his user name. He is now Engine No. 12.
  • One way the community also interacted with each other was Wooden Railway Reviews' various live streams (not to be confused with streams; an older YouTube feature which has since been retired).
  • WoodenRS started a series called "The Lego Community" which featured many users voicing Lego mini figure versions of themselves.
  • SkarloeyRailway01 finished his long running series "The Wooden Railway Series".
  • Jlouvier finished his long running series "Character Fridays".