2014 was the 8th year of the Thomas Wooden Railway Community. This was a prosperous year for the community with older users beginning to upload videos again, and several new users also joining, beginning a new golden age for the community and ending five years of an on and off dark time for the community that began back in 2009.

The Thomas Wooden Railway Community 201401:10

The Thomas Wooden Railway Community 2014

The 2014 Thomas Wooden Railway Community video, made by MrMPS.

Active Members in 2014








New Members From 2014

Users Who Left in 2014

Users Who Returned in 2014

First Quarter: January-March

Right as the year began, TrainKing James joined Youtube on January 5th. Then, only two days later, HiroTheJapaneseTrain returned to Youtube uploading a "Wooden Road & Rail Reviews" on Luke. Then only another two days later, Percyno6 uploaded his first video of the New Year, being episode 46 of his series. Then, the Crossover Saga's second review titled "TYR: Big City Engine" was uploaded on January 19th. Also in January, both Roman TheTWRCollector and BertramOldWarrior joined Youtube. In February, Montagueduck48 joined. In March, Oliver Duck uploaded his long anticipated movie, "Tales Of The North Western Railway - North Western Railway 100 Years In The Making."

Second Quarter: April-June

During April and May there wasn't much activity within the community, but come June, it seemed as though everyone was active. ThomasWoodenRailway returned after being gone since September 2013. False copyright strikes hit his channel. On June 6th, 2014 he uploaded Episode 152 of his series titled "Stepney and the Bluebell Branchline."

Third Quarter: July-September

WoodenRailwayReviews uploaded a review on the Sawmill with Dumping Depot in July after a long break from Youtube. In July, launched, and along with that came the "Sodor Story Collection." A new character called Logan was introduced, and Jlouvier was quick to review him in August. Also in August, MrMPS uploaded the first episode of his new series "Sudrian Tales" titled "Thomas Helps Out." As well as MrMPS, turtlesandthomas kicked off "Sudrian Conflict" in August with his first episode titled "Sodor Day." A very old group channel, known as "Tank Engines Studios" returned with brand new members in September.

Fourth Quarter: October-December

In November, HiroTheJapaneseTrain ramped up his series by replacing his giant layout, with a set. He uploaded episode 8 of "Sodor Stories" titled "Dennis the Menace." MikeMike123 joined Youtube in late November. As the year closed, we saw Christmas themed videos from several users in the community. On December 30th, TWRCommunityRadio launched.

Major Events

  • ThomasWoodenRailway returned after a long break. This helped motivate the community to continue making videos and influenced their interactions.
  • Just behind 2008, 2014 had one of largest amounts of new members join the community, which really helped revive the community.
  • WoodenRailwayReviews and Oliver Duck met up in real life this year. It also caused several other users to meet up with each other in 2015.

Trivia and Other Events

  • Roman TheTWRCollector when he first joined Youtube had the name "T. Jetmar."
  • When BertramOldWarrior joined, his channel name was "WoodenRails99."
  • Klurty34 returned this year after being gone since 2013.
  • A total of 3 groups channels were created in 2014, these being "Tank Engines Studios," "TWRCommunityRadio" and the since deleted and disbanded group channel "TWRCommunityReviewers."

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