2008 was the year in which the Community began to become very popular on YouTube. This had to do with the amount of users who joined this year, along with the fact that Keekre24 began one of the most successful series ever in the Community, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Wooden Railway Adventures.

First Quarter (January - March)

The first quarter of 2008 was not a very active time for the Community. The only user who joined during this time was conductorcarson.

Second Quarter (April - June)

The second quarter was more active for the Community than the first quarter was. Both rboffill and Keekre24 joined in April. FlyingShyGuy64 also joined the Community in May. Keekre24's series would also begin in June.

Third Quarter (July - September)

The third quarter was the most active time for the Community in 2008. Both Henryfan88 and AndrexioStudios would join the Community in July. Mtwillman (now HirotheJapaneseTrain), who started to upload TWR videos in July. August was the most active month, with smudgersirhandel, Thomasfan24, Thatlegorandomguy, and Mambisdpambis all joining this month. The third quarter would conclude with Percyno6 joining the Community in September.

Fourth Quarter (October - December)

The fourth quarter would finish the year of 2008 for the Community off with only one new member. This member was Klurty34, who joined in October.

Major Events

2008 would be known as one of the best times within the Community. The second half really shows this, with many new users joining the Community. It was during this time in the second half of 2008 and the first half of 2009 where a user could expect good videos from many users everyday.

2008 was also known as a time with little to no fights with the members of the Community. Users would get along with the other users during this time. Streams and Bulletins (both since retired from YouTube) were a popular way for users to communicate with everyone in a time where the only way users talked to each other was through YouTube. The personal message system was also a way for users to privately connect with others.

2008 was also the first time in which a user left the Community. Although his last video was in 2007, Waylon8tor remained active within the Community for the first half of 2008. He would only come back to accept friend requests every once in awhile.

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